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In Quinta Rio Hotel Boutique Querétaro, you will find a true pleasure enclosure. Here you can experience the mix between a classic colonial atmosphere and modern comforts, thanks to the careful attention of the staff and the convenient services that will make your stay in this colonial city, an unforgettable experience.

Whether for business or pleasure, the colonial essence of Querétaro is perfectly mixed with modernity at Quinta Rio Hotel Boutique Queretaro, where you can enjoy a comfortable stay taking advantage of the freshness of its beautiful pool or simply relax in its beautiful patio and terrace , in which you can relax peacefully.

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Quinta Rio Hotel Boutique Queretaro was built at the end of the 17th century in the area called "El Otro Bando". It was an area represented by the poor, those who were little for the big city, where there were no services of any kind and it was precisely there where Casa del Faldon was built. In fact, the legend of this house tells that, in the seventeenth century, they sent a Spanish alderman to live there to punish him. The ruler then had to build, in front of the Church of San Sebastian, a splendid house that lived until his death that since then was baptized with the name of "La Casa Del Faldon". It is in this magical area, where Quinta Rio Hotel Boutique Queretaro was restored in 2010, on the occasion of the Bicentennial of Mexico, and suitable to serve as a luxury Boutique Hotel.